Calling a plumber is a task that most homeowners find on their to-do lists from time to time. In ordinary circumstances, you can call to schedule an appointment for a day in the near future. However, in other situations, you may need to hire an emergency plumber who can get to your home right away. Learning about the types of situations that constitute plumbing emergencies can help you decide what move to make.

Flooding or Risk of Flooding

Any situation that has caused flooding or can lead to flooding is a plumbing emergency. You might think that you can mop up a flood caused by an overflowing bathtub; however, the problem could be more serious than you originally imagined. The water might seep through the floor to the ceiling below and cause extensive damage. You should also call our emergency plumbing service for any issues that could lead to flooding. A burst pipe, for example, can quickly cause a dangerous and damaging flood.

Frozen Pipes

A frozen pipe can quickly turn into a burst pipe. As soon as you notice that the pipes are frozen, contact our emergency plumbing service to get the problem resolved. In addition to preventing damage to your home, taking care of frozen pipes quickly is a financially savvy move. Waiting it out could mean that the pipes do eventually burst, which could necessitate costly repairs.

Serious Sewer Problems

Issues with the sewer, such as a backup, can cause health risks for your family. In addition to creating an unsafe and foul-smelling environment, a backed-up sewer prevents you from using the water in your home, a situation that is not sustainable. Plumbers have specialized tools to inspect the insides of the pipes and clear the lines. In some cases, cracked sewer pipes are caused by tree roots searching for nutrients. We can clear roots away from the perimeter and replace the pipe.

Collapsed Structures

A structure collapsing due to long-term undiscovered plumbing issues poses major hazards to you and your loved ones. While a contractor may need to be the one to fix the structural damage, a plumber can figure out why the problem happened in the first place. In tandem with getting the structural damage repaired, you can also upgrade the plumbing so that the issue doesn’t happen again.

Accumulation of Mold

While you might not notice mold until it has had some time to grow, you should schedule an immediate appointment for service once you spot the issue. You might think that you can just wipe the mold away or even have it professionally removed to permanently resolve the situation. However, neither of these moves identifies the source of the problem. One of our plumbers can determine why the mold is there and offer solutions to the issue.

Major Toilet Clog

Calling an emergency plumber for a toilet clog is not always necessary. You might be able to resolve the issue at home with a plunger. In other situations, though, the help of a plumber is needed. If the clog isn’t going away after plunging, call an emergency plumber. Getting assistance right away is particularly important if the home has only one bathroom.

Other Clogs

A clogged sink, shower or tub can also pose a major problem, especially in homes with only one bathroom. Also, you should be aware of repeated clogs. In other words, if the same sink or tub keeps clogging over and over again, you need to call a plumber so that the root cause of the issue can be found. Your home’s plumbing system may need major renovations to prevent clogs, or a simple fix might solve the issue.

Overflowing Toilet

You might think that you can clean up an overflow by yourself, but this process can be a messy one, and you could contaminate other areas of the house in the process. Another serious issue to look out for is when you flush one toilet but another one overflows. For example, when you flush the toilet on the second story of the house, the toilet on the first floor might overflow. Again, even if you can clean up the problem, you still won’t know the cause without the expertise of an emergency plumber.

Lost Item

Sometimes, a ring will slip off of someone’s finger and accidentally fall down the sink drain, or children might flush important household items down the toilet without realizing what they are doing. Getting an item back after it has been flushed down the toilet is unlikely. However, an emergency plumber may be able to help. Retrieving items from a sink drain, for example, is more likely. An emergency plumber can ensure that the job is done correctly and that you don’t accidentally send the item further down into the pipes. Furthermore, the emergency plumber can diagnose and resolve any damage that the item might have done.

No Water

If water stops coming out of the faucets, calling a plumber is imperative. Having clean, flowing water in the home is crucial for survival. You might hesitate to call for emergency repairs if only one faucet isn’t providing water. However, keep in mind that this problem could spread. Without knowing the origin of the issue, you can’t feel assured that the problem will stay localized to that one faucet. Within a short period of time, water could stop flowing throughout the entire house.

No Hot Water

While the faucets might be spewing water as usual, you might have noticed that the streams are unusually cold. In this case, the hot water heater might be malfunctioning, which can cause numerous issues in the house, including problems with taking a warm shower and washing dishes.


You might not think of a leak as an issue that warrants a call to the emergency plumber. The fact of the matter, though, is that you might not really know how long it’s been leaking. The outdoor faucet or the one in the guest bathroom could have been dripping for weeks, unbeknownst to you. Also, a leak could cause permanent damage, such as structural problems or mold growth.

Sump Pump Failure

If you’ve had a lot of rain recently or there’s a broken pipe in the basement, your sump pump might be working overtime to remove the water from the basement. If the pump’s not working, this is certainly a good reason to call a plumber before any property is damaged.

At Universal Plumbing & Rooter, we provide a full range of emergency plumbing services. Our team members are available 24 hours a day and seven days per week to diagnose and treat plumbing problems. We serve the San Jose area. We also work on drains and water heaters. For example, we can provide a thorough drain cleaner. Whether you need to schedule regular maintenance on your home’s plumbing system or you’re in need of emergency services, contact Universal Plumbing & Rooter today to schedule an appointment!

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