Your plumbing system brings clean water into your home and removes wastewater through a sewer line. But when the sewer line develops a problem, this flow comes to a halt, spelling a ton of trouble. Luckily, the pros at Universal Plumbing & Rooter have the skills, experience, and tools necessary to keep your home’s drain and sewer line in perfect working order. We offer professional sewer and drain repair in Saratoga, CA.

We are to resolve issues that could affect the hygiene and safety of your home. Whether it is a clogged drain or a damaged pipe, our team has what it takes to get the job done. Contact us for more information.

How Do Sewer and Drain Lines Get Damaged?

Like everything else, your sewer and drain will break down sooner or later. We recommend getting routine inspections and maintenance to be sure that your sewer system remains in good working condition. This way, you can avoid extensive sewer or drain repair down the road.

Knowing the common causes of drain and sewer line damage will help you learn about the preventative measures you can put in place to avoid the damage in the first place. In addition, it will allow our crew to determine the best course of action and offer the most efficient approach to drain and sewer repair.