Sewer buildup is never the best news, but it is dreadful when it backs up through your drains and into your home. It is a nasty, smelly, and disgusting problem that can lead to other issues if not taken care of. That is where hydro jetting comes in. It helps break up the buildup, removing icky blockages with a stream of water delivered at high pressure. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the benefits of hydro jetting and how it works.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to clean drains. The process uses high-pressure water to break up clogs and debris that have built up in the drains, allowing them to flow more easily. It is done by inserting a hose into the drain and using a high-pressure water pump to send a stream of water through it. Hydro jetting can be used on both small and large drains, and it is also a chosen option for cleaning areas of your plumbing that are difficult to access. It is appropriate for both residential and commercial settings, including restaurants and offices.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting uses a high-pressure water stream to blast away debris, grease, and other clogs inside drains. This debris could include tree roots, animal waste, toxic chemicals, raw sewage, or other substances you would rather not think about! The water is shot out of the end of a nozzle at high speed, which causes the debris to be dislodged and flushed away. The powerful water stream creates a no-touch cleaning process that gets results without the need for any heavy equipment.

Hydro jetting is very effective at clearing clogged drains quickly and is usually the first step in a professional drain-cleaning process. However, it is worth noting that high-pressure water shot from a nozzle can pose a hazard to your plumbing if the user is inexperienced. Therefore, hydro jetting should always be performed by a trained professional. This method should never be considered as a DIY project.

Hydro jetting usually begins with a video camera to examine your sewer system and identify potential problems and blockages. Using a camera allows technicians to assess trouble areas and determine the hydro jetting technique that best suits your needs.

After an initial assessment with a video camera, the professional will begin clearing obstructions like tree roots and other debris with powerful tools. Next, they will work to repair any structural damage found and flush out your system from top to bottom with a strong water stream. During this process, they will also look for pipe cracks or water seeping around pipe joints and repair them immediately to avoid future problems.

After cleaning a drain with hydro jetting, a technician will inspect it to ensure it is clear and free of debris. If any debris is left behind inside the drain, they will clean it with a hose. They will also test the drain to ensure the water flows freely.

The Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting eliminates any debris that has built up inside your plumbing system over time. It is a quick and efficient way to unclog your drains. It can be completed in as little as one day, minimizing disruption to your home life. Because it involves a camera inspection, the process helps identify potential issues before they become destructive problems. By using a video camera to examine your sewer system, experienced professionals can easily see if there are any cracks in your pipes or other structural issues that might be hiding from view, waiting to cause havoc in the future.

Hydro jetting is also a very affordable way to keep your pipes in check. By catching minor problems early during this preventative maintenance step, you will save money on costly pipe replacements and other structural repairs in the future.

Once the cleaning and repairs are finished, a professional will flush your system with one last powerful water stream to ensure it is completely free of any debris that may have dislodged during your service. Doing this helps prevent future clogs and blockages in your sewer line and prevents any unpleasant odors from coming up through the drains within your home.

It is important to remember that to get the full benefits of hydro jetting, you should allow a professional to do the job. Choosing a service that offers a warranty for their work can also be helpful and provide peace of mind that your home is in good hands. It ensures that your drains are as clean as possible and indicates that your chosen company is committed to quality work.

How Much Does Hydro Jetting Cost?

The cost of hydro jetting will vary depending on the size of your sewer system and the number of issues identified and fixed during the process. It is typically an affordable, fast way to get your pipes in check so you can avoid a full replacement in the future, and it will save you money in the long run.

Risks Associated With Hydro Jetting

Because this is a high-pressure water process, safety is an important factor when considering hydro jetting for your residence. The water stream can cause life-changing damage to the eyes and other body parts if the user is not careful. Therefore, it is critical to have a professional handle the process to ensure ultimate safety while in your home.

In addition to the rare potential for bodily harm, hydro jetting can also damage fragile plumbing systems. In many cases, it is not recommended for pipes that exceed 50 years old. If you have known damage to your plumbing, get it repaired before you schedule hydro jetting. It is also important to note that hydro jetting cannot fix all problems with your pipes or drains and should be used only by an experienced professional who can determine what repairs are necessary after the process.

In Conclusion

Hydro jetting is a fast and effective way to clean your drains and free up those blockages causing sluggish pipes. It is also an affordable preventative maintenance method to keep your pipes working in the way they should, so you do not need to worry about clogged drains at home or other issues with your plumbing system in the future.

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